Groupie’s plight

Looking over the  Google links on Gurdjieff.

What has been left behind by Gurdjieff is in the end almost useless, and yet the numbers of people fixated on the ‘superb sales job’ is staggering. Students of the subject have failed to grasp that the division into ‘exoteric/esoteric’ is exploitative and false. It is entirely possible for people to lie and conceal, but what is spiritual about that? And yet all this seems to have been deliberate. To create an underclass of followers intimidated in a subtle way to be submissive.

Behind it is a reactionary political complot, and an intent to prevent the spiritual realization of the those connected on the (laughably) exoteric level.

‘prevent’, OK, in case you were thinking of something more than being a groupie.

3 thoughts on “Groupie’s plight”

  1. i am presently reading ‘Beelzebuds Tales To His Grandson’ and i have found the sentance structure, syntax and actual meaning to be extremely difficult to make much sense of. Maybe its in the translation that the awkwardness of this rambling takes place,but i am sure this book could be at least 1/2 of its present length.

    Does anybody out there know what this is all about?

    I will finish it as part of my ‘intentional suffering’ he talks about.

    Take me back to Jesus, the buddah, maharshi, krishnamurti any ONE

    kirk crist

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