The reincarnation racket/trap/disinfo regime

I am suspicious of this Tibetan system re: reincarnation. If the lamas have the powers stated why won’t they help people in need to find out their reincarnations. We have discussed here the way I have been confused with the reincarnation of Ouspenksy and subjected to black magic attacks as if that were true. That is a revealing suggestion of the total lack of ethical behavior in the sufi world.
In general, a worse situation is frequent, I am sure: people reincarnate, some spiritual people find out, and, failing to inform the victim, exploit them without their knowledge.

It would be of great help if the reincarnation of Ouspensky could be found, to stop these monsters from attacking me to take control of the Ouspensky legacy.

One thought on “The reincarnation racket/trap/disinfo regime”

  1. To be completely honest, I’ve never found Tibetan Buddhism that compelling. Too much indigenous Tibetan shamanism and politics mixed in for me to take it seriously; I doubt any of these lamas throughout history have had any ability to control the rebirth process consciously. You really have to have an extremely strong filter to get the golden nuggets out of this tradition.

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