Tibetan buddhism, reincarnation detectors

NK said,
04.20.15 at 2:40 pm ·

To be completely honest, I’ve never found Tibetan Buddhism that compelling. Too much indigenous Tibetan shamanism and politics mixed in for me to take it seriously; I doubt any of these lamas throughout history have had any ability to control the rebirth process consciously. You really have to have an extremely strong filter to get the golden nuggets out of this tradition.

My sentiments often tend in that direction, but…
Tibetan buddhism will be a long study, and perhaps end up as a museum. My post here is such a disgrace I am off the case. Thank god.
Tibetan buddhists may need a kind of rescue by Hinayana-ists, if the latter can overcome their hatred.
I think there is a ‘boddhisattwa neurosis’: giving up enlightenment almost forever result in a possibly destructive psychological state.
We need to be clear that people are innocent til proven guilty. Grasping the history of fascism is almost impossible. We need better histories of buddhism, and then of the Tibetan brand. The violence done to buddhists is what created Tibetan buddhism.
The issue of reincarnation detectors is a tough one. We must distinguish what must have once been from what is no longer the case. But even sufis have reincarnation detectors, so it is hard to say.
I pointed to another possibility (see the ‘pandit gobbler’ post): disembodied spirits invultuating a living person given training to tune the channel. More reliable than a system of reincarnation.
There are sufis who are reincarnation detectors, so I am not so skeptical.
We have talked about this already in the Ouspensky case.

But watch out. You are a pandit yourself. Don’t get gobbled.
I should link here to your book on Eckhart, etc… It appears to be a good book. We need better understanding of the history of sufism…

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