Osho reverting to stealth fascism? The guru game is shot…destruction of autonomy to create ‘buddhist’ robots…How did (Gautama) buddhists create drone nazis?

I am sensing that my left project was a bait and switch: the osho entity et al know they can’t play their game honestly in modern democratic societies.

There is no right for a buddha-type gangster to seize the unconscious of a devoted beginner to misuse that person for any, let alone fascist purposes..

The non-dual as a phony excuse to sneak in fascist antitheses…
We must consider that the ‘Gautama’ entity had passed away by the nineteenth century….

Seizing the unconscious using ‘disciple surrender’ followed by ‘rogue impulse’ blackmail is the secret of many wrecked disciples.

You cannot take away man’s autonomy, not even as a buddha…

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