The dangers of gurus: do you really consent to being the puppet of a dead ‘buddha’? The Osho freak show // NO path is safe given the sufi plexus invultuation danger

I am pulling away from my Osho venture of the last year. I was played nicely to divulge info on the great sufi secret (I was doing that anyway) but I can see some will try to use public information on the way to making their use of it secret all over again.

Given the dangers, I think the time has come to terminate the whole guru tradition: the more so since it can remake itself easily as an open process, viz. friendship. But spiritual surrender is dangerous in a global context. It is on the level of reopening the slave trade, except its worse.

We need a new class of liberators who can review the spiritual histories to detect and free the victims…

The buddhist esoteric zone is under permanent suspicion of trying to create a new fascist movement from the stealth ‘nice guy’ buddhism we see successfully transplanted to the West. Make sure you have agreed in principle to have no further say in this or your own between lives transmogrification based on conversion via sweet smiles.

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