Do the buddhas believe in autonomy and freedom? No they don’t, and they lie about it until they can entrap you…

Osho was the last time, I told myself, I would truck with an Indian guru (what to say of sufi gangsters) but the predictable confusion has simply reappeared. The whole nine yards about a continuation of the commune was pure bullshit to try and draw me into the ‘control system’.
The guru control system is dangerous because it can proceed beyond awareness to vitiate autonomy.
That’s outrageous. If men had no soul, as Gurdjieff hints, that would happen automatically. But to simply liquidate disciples is totally off.

I think the whole guru game is going downhill into oblivion. It is dangerous for vulnerable men with fragile spiritual foundations to associate with these tyrants, who, I suspect, rip out the deeper selves and turn their disciples into automatons.

I have wasted a huge amount of time with the Osho entity, granted that the three way system of murder makes it hard to know what’s going on.

To realize enlightenment you have to fight for your autonomy. Simply ditching ego to a ghost won’t do it…

It is interesting that the

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