A material legacy…A man like Osho won’t come again …

My comments on the Osho field and beyond are too much for most, no doubt, but I think that the key is there to where I am coming from…

Meanwhile the original idea of a format of Osho books and exercises for radical leftists remains good and I have suggested several times that I may not be the right person to do this.
The legacy of Osho is perfectly good as a materialist resource, that, and the legacy of Samkhya.
Radicals and their culture have become impoverished by the sterile scientism and materialism of the early nineteenth century. They were still so beset by religious reactionaries that they double down on a form of crude materialism. But these has made the left unable to handle even simple issues of the history of religion.

Anyway the Osho legacy escaped from the reactionary zone and is highly suitable for a ‘materialist’ sannyas. At some point it comes down to a who cares about material vs spiritual. Declare a new set of labels and proceed….

Leftists are going to get eaten alive by reactionary occultists, and I have always suspected Stalinism in that regard. Murdering the whole cadre of legacy marxists/bolsheviks from the revolution itself was commpletely cockeyed…We suspect occult invultuation…

So why would Osho want to kill me? Perhaps the thought is merely a disguise against someone he wished to use as a medium, perhaps to express the buddha’s contempt for the jews…

I have steered clear of this with views on jews that are my own, and benign, but caustic.

There is a post here, An Antisemitic feint…It is necessary to confused the Tibetan nazis….

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