What I feared is probably happening already…I gave a great secret don’t be a victim…NEVER trust any spiritual or leftist teaching from now on

I have tried to create an Osho/leftist study area, with some material on the sufi seed-plexus, But what I suspect already given the usual near GIGO messages i get is that leftist/oshoite people are colluding in private here with a plan to not divulge what they find. And marxist/stalinists armed with that knowledge would be dangerous, hiding a spiritual technology behind historical materialism for the cadres….

Osho sannyasins: do some guerilla research and make it public: simple stuff, who runs the ashram, data thereto, finances, exposes if necessary, but basically a picture of the last decade for outsiders and students…We don’t even have a good map of the Commune International ground plan. I can’t help you out here: I can’t afford to go to India. This is essential for communist commune takeover via commando raid…

And be sure to walk up to the office and ask the honchos is they are currently involved in secret deals with sufis or anyone and plan to use the sufi method secretly among themselves in an esoteric gang behind the commune scenes.

Marxists should do the same with the frozen zombie cadres that run the Histomat show. The sufi lore in stalinist bolshevillia would certainly have produced a covert agency domination, and probably some upgrade of the humanzee experiments (rumored, but doubtful?) of Joseph S.
Misuse of the sufi lore for that would be truly frightning, and psychopaths would be able to take evil to a new level of demonic terror by controlling the soul futures of whole populations…???

Is this paranoia about something misunderstood and what is the likelihood of any of this? I have no idea, but ‘small to vanishing’, thus possible…

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