Confusions, gurus…Indian shopkeers will give you the nauseating taste of spiritual mediocrity…

I have to face the fact Osho despises me but wants to exploit for something grotesque (It may be something impersonating the Osho entity). At this point my connection to the issue of the sufi spir/tech in question is marginal to zilch. If not damage the factor was never able to enter development and is probably dysfunctional. The probable reason is the amount of stress involved in the original period of colliding with the sufi mafia. After that I can see the danger of dealing with sufis on any level. A bunch of lowlifes who have taken over something designed to help people.
In any case, this is not the way to do it. Paths to enlightenment are not paths to soul and the path to soul has already been accomplished in man, in the species sense. And the method involves a kind of milieu or group. It can’t be chained from individuals. So what are we talking about?

This would be a terrible fate, to become a slave demon of sufis who of this but could only attempt evil uses of it.

The technique is something that appears without warning to a group as the begin to disperse… Very strange.

This is a reminder that the ‘three way system of murder’ makes it almost impossible to interpret what is going on, made worse by the inability to understand what the spirit of a buddha would be like. This is most probably a case of some other entity in the cloud…
But this situation perpetuated the error that gurus have the right to make such decisions about other people. The result is counterattack. But here I think Osho is fading away and other demonic forms are in control. I doubt if Osho would have been dumb enough to try and control such a thing in that way.

But in general if you read a book like Anirvan’s you realize the extreme degree of authoritarian exploitation going on here What that disciple describes is really a form of sucking up

The ancient path has spawned lunatics who think the guru’s control is aboslute and the ‘habeas corpus’ of modern autonomy a vile evil that must be destroyed along with modernity.

Look at Hitler and the Nazis. They wished to destroy modernity for these creepy superment in reality panicked stricken that a higher power had been in the background…

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