Is dead brain historical materialism the only answer? ?

If an ashram with a real buddha, passed away, can’t defend itself against the sufi/gurdjieff mafia the left’s goose is cooked in the new age market. Fried. My Osho project would turn into a gateway for the manufacture of double agents.

Historical materialism was a fake that attempted nonetheless to carry a regiment thought the demon zone blind with no hooks for devils that plague Xtians and see what happened. I think the got Stalin to wipe out the whole regiment. Experiment failed, finished. Playing ostrich doesn’t work. But ‘playing the game’ isn’t going to work either. Sufi devils would just play Osho and lead into a ditch. But it is almost better to simply study the situation. It it is true the Stalin factor was reactionary demonic occultism then there is a way out…

I am off the case, but after a brief moment of playing guru (while playing master of masters, I don’t think this applied to me, I wouldn’t make it as a guru) I hit on the idea of a ‘teertanker sequence of twenty four/five buddhas. Over and out. It is an impossible problem, willing the unwillable, the unwilled. But the Jains did it…
Time is running out. The teertankers came at a fast clip. one a century? Osho emerged in 1954. You have less than forty years left. You won’t make it. And it isn’t tucked away in a not yet known India in second millennium BCE. It is under the eyes of all sorts of enemies. I got wiped out almost immediately: three way system of murder.
Grundgy devils who gave up enlightenment for spiritual powers always want to destroy the real thing.

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