Giving Osho the benefit of doubt

My original purpose here was to point to a significant source of ‘religious’/spiritual action in the context of a leftist movement. The resolution of that was obvious: The Rajneesh to Osho field is the open gateway to a new era of spiritual discourse and practice and shows the way the buddhas get their work done: an immense new legacy that also echoes directly the ‘santana dharma’ legacy, extracted from Hinduism.

This situation was clearly the object of counter from a number of sources, among them the invasive occult legacy, apparently trying to hide its action behind other fronts, the source of the resulting confusion here whereby an supporter is manipulated to attack the object of interest.

This is the danger of spiritual discourses left behind as a teacher dies. In any case the point is to try to create a ‘buddhist kindergarten’ with some quite advanced features to serve those who have been denied spiritual practice from the start, e.g. the religion of Xtianity.
This created/creates a tension between the two.

There is no simple solution to this difficulty of the period after a buddha dies, and I think we have seen how outright demonic confusion emerges to produce total confusion.

But the basic issue is intact: a set of techniques and legacies that can be useful in a future leftist movement stuck in the one-dimensional schemes such as historical materialism.

But as I can see leftists are at risk from the predominantly reactionary character of the Hindu, and, sadly, buddhist legacies. Some way to bypass this confusion would be helpful. In fact, the Rajneesh legacy was always itself at risk from the Hindu movements, as world emerging from a Jain background.

Like any battle, the initial casualties lead to a new world where the children of a leftist future can encounter a neo-buddhist legacy.
I have also tried to create a larger context of core modernism, a radical communist church of Munzer, and some consideration of the hidden, out of control, good/sometimes very evil legacy of sufism embedded in Islam. To this we can add the legacies of Confucianism/Taoism.

The Osho legacy needs a second exemplification and I have pointed to the example of the classic Jain sequence of teertankers.
With that the ‘request for comment’ from unknown sources connected with my creation of Last and First Men is answered in a very simple fashion.
I think leftists can at first use a stealth approach to this in the confidence that malevolent entities and actions cannot defeat a regiment in motion, whatever the casualties…

An additional issue of the sufi spiritual technologies of ‘souls’ was divulged against traditions of secrecy to provoke these sufis to dance to sixshooter and spill the beans on their devious machinations.

I will leave it at that for a moment. But the left has to move in the rapdily transformed world of global ‘new age’ consciousness movements and even help to walk away from their reactionary legacies.

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