To the left: a takeover of Osho commune…

I think that the ‘Osho entity’ is a diffuse fuzzy incompetence fading away into astral dayglo, should be relieved of his command, and that the original idea should take effect. At this point the left should (forget me, please, the gurus all wish to kill, so far in vain) and take over the Osho commune in spirit if not in practice (with an intent to learn) and create a foundational materialist spirituality that can be an intelligent response to the fact that the historical materialists are stuck in the early nineteenth century and have been left behind by a global culture that is integrating modernity with legacy religious streams, such as buddhism. The left should simply carry disintegrating buddhism into a new future beyond the fascist nightmares of the ‘dead buddhas’ of the antimodernist reaction of the nineteenth century, a phenomenon that has left ‘buddhism’ like a man walking a few more steps with his head cut off…

The Osho world is being destroyed by multiple enemies, but its wreckage is just as good a starting point…Sufism in extremis and the ‘Munzerian Church of historical memory’ discussed at Darwiniana can come into conjunction…

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