Beyond gurus…to a stealth path of your own…ALONE

In this kind of situation, which I recommend for others floundering in the master game quagmire, you must find a real spiritual path, fast. Easy!… Study a few buddhist sutras of the early kind, with not reference to Gautama, but to the larger tradition of man’s consciousness since the Paleolithic: the heritage of homo sapiens.
You can adopt a stealth path of meditation, meditation in action, study of the will, and a passage to a path to enlightenment, the latter belonging to noone. Nothing in the canon of buddhism says anything about gurus. Stay away from sufis, most monotheists (unless you are one yourself), with a possible hat-tip to ‘Jesus the Abstraction/Christ” (there is problem no such figure accessible at this point). Surrender to noone, and reserve your will to reflections on the highest good…Remember, the elements of buddhism were intended as a universal contribution to man via the Axial Age. You can quietly make neutral copies and use them free of the Gautama sphere.

Do not try to imitate Gautama or get into bullshit routines with the demon Mara, etc…Simply adopt a long path of meditation and reflection on the ‘cosmic’ question, i.e. god beyond god, or no god…The long path generates a wish for a short path, consider the reality of such in such figures as Paul Brunton’s short path. These probably won’t work, but they can bring dignity of a partial realization to the long wait of the long path…

You have a responsibility to keep your ‘will’ intact, and virtuous. Evade the rush of demons into the collapsing void of xtianity with the con artist versions of Crowleyanity. You cannot find your true will with occultism…You must consider a form of ethics. Better make it good! One false move and you are toast (with respect to your path).

You don’t have to dramatize any of this…a stealth approach is best…
Don’t be conned by xtian siren songs: Jesus is not a personal savior, but a ‘flag’ for those who can’t manage their own path. xtianity will ‘save’ people–to another rebirth…but provides no way to real consciousness…Be polite, sly and evade the whole mess…
Study the myth of Faust: spiritual power leads to the demonic…

I can’t change this situation. Gautama created one of the greatest paths, and then he killed it. One has to move in a new direction, alone…

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