Living in the Now? Osho is plotting a two thousand year strategy with Nietzschean will to power ghostliness…

How can i promote Osho and be so unwelcome myself? I don’t know, but I should be on my way.
I have done as requested, but need to steer clear of ‘deep invultuation’ that is the side effect of any attempt to speak as if a follower, which triggers a new cycle of depradation…

I think the Osho resource remains, but how to use it when the ‘ghost’ is taken over by demonic substitutes is beyond solution, from my direction. There is a lot of fine print that can be read two ways. One is the whole crap about living in the NOW. Gurus don’t live in the now, they just look like it. But maybe they do, but if they preach that to you, be wary: to take away your will and your future in the name of Lao Tse is an inveterate fraud.

YOU be the lao tse in your life, not the ‘guru’.

Gurdjieff’s ‘trogoautoegocrat’ unwittingly gives the game away: trap people into a ‘feed over your will, feed off your will frustrated’ routine and you have a nice business with these idiot disciples…

The case for living in the ‘now’ is a strong one, but new age jargon can be twisted into some tricky stuff…

Osho is dangerous for me, and I was warned last year of this, but didn’t respond right, and I can see the wreckage in the last year (personal stuff I won’t discuss, but like having your computer hacked, or your credit card used by a stranger who thinks you should live dangerously and go broke, an actual sufi exercise too, for certain suckers..)

What was the source of the warning, and wasn’t this really someone else (G, guys) seizing the Osho mask? Maybe…

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