Even dead buddhas are deadly

This is strong stuff, but the realm of authoritarian gurus has a problem, and dead ones a worse problem.

You might consider that the criticism of Osho merely reflects the chaotic war of dead gurus and the attempts to destroy each other.

I think Osho is the only survivor, of sorts, in the sense that he is a rebel himself against gurus, and brings some ancient across the finish line. But a church with a dead buddha isn’t going to do it for the future: we can simply move into that space and reconstruct a new future from the wreckage of the old…every needed is there in the Osho corpus…

But we have a new reality. Noone, not even enlightened men, is smart enough for the task…We can only take the approximation and try to enlarge our perspective…

But the deep unconscious control of the ‘self’ as ‘surrender’ won’t work on a global stage. The human wreckage is increasing: we must create a path of individuals dispersed globally who can’t be advised to surrender to a figure they barely know five thousand miles away. The dead zombies are lying in wait for this new opportunity.

Those who encounter gurus via a book on a distant continent need a whole new form of spiritual path…

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