Recoil in the sport of demonic destructions of seekers…

I cannot rule out the possibility that hidden figures have tried to use me to attack Osho, but at the same time that mysterious presence has been highly destructive toward me, as far as I can tell, and I felt hurt and confused by this, and was warned by hidden spiritual guides of some time to stay away from him, with the publication of Last and First Men. But I failed to do that and have been almost wrecked in the last year. That was not a fried hoping form some future action in the Osho sphere.
What to do here? There won’t be another buddha figure with the breadth of Osho. Maybe, as Osho insisted dead gurus move beyond and are not intelligible guides.

I think that I experienced spiritual entities just trying to destroy me and people like me for highly suspicious reasons, if such can have reasons.

Frankly I don’t think a guru figure even one enlightened can create the spirituality of the future. He can certainly preempt worse things. Consider an example here: Osho is beautiful as he attack xtian pretensions, but here is now a dogmatic ex cathedra layer down of a thought stopper: you have to disbelieve in a creator or else…

A similar confusion pervades his take on ‘evolution’. Osho blunders into a Darwin plug even as he correctly tries to bring evolution into the spiritual legacies he speaks for, or speaks beyond…

If he wants a pandit, that’s it, he gets one here, in dissent, or else, at some distance…

But I can’t grasp what is going on here: I have experienced a wrathful and demonic set of tricks to destroy the will, but this can’t lead to enlightenment, it can only lead to spiritual death. That makes the crisis of ‘ghost interpretation’ the absurdity it is. Figures like Gurdjieff are fighting a last stand against such figures, so we cannot determine who is who here..

I have no further business here, and regret some much time wasted. This situation has destroyed meditation, so I am within my rights to spit out in protest and move on. The obvious possibility the Osho presence simply wants to make a sport of my destruction is a very strong hypothesis. I recoil in a kind of shock. This is the Roman Arena at the level of dead buddhas. Perhaps a sport of demons has usurped his image. Osho decares there are no demons. If they are none such, then he must be the first…

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