WHEE /// and Anirvan’s idiocy

One of the problems I am having is the disposition of WHEE: World History and the Eonic Effect. This book was a gift and I am obliged to stick within its universe, which is far vaster than the world of buddhism, yoga, and gurus. This book is like dynamite: no smoking in the vicinity. You could outdo the Old Testament with the elements of a new religion. I need to make sure the book fulfills a humbler destiny.
None of these gurus, I will bet, understands it… Everyone seems to reject it. Too bad for them…

It is useful to read Anirvan’s stupid book on Gurdjieff, whom he confused with the ‘guru’ of the Indian tradition: he has given absolute power to that monster, and withdrawn all autonomy or right to dissent, proclaimed the Superman and the rights of superman to crush to the dust of bones that ‘nothing’ the disciple and devotee who is subtlety indicated to have surrendered even his chance of spiritual evolution. At the end of all this Anirvan amazingly proclaims these superman will refound the law of caste.
C’mon, guys. This is stupid. More importantly the game was tried with the Nazis by the buddhists, and they lost.
The buddhas do not

Osho is gingerly stepping through this terrain keeping his cards out of view: if there are enough anirvans why kick a gift horse in the mouth. But if people actually take a close look at Osho’s path they will proceed along the path as Osho did, with no gurus. And you can argue he had every guru who ever lived as his guru….

anirvan’s is a stupid book, and it spells the end of the guru world. To think that gurus who think like Anirvan have the right to destroy all modern freedpms, to destroy the modern world, with judicious exceptions like capitalism, etc, is a loss of a sense of reality by gurus…A fatal outcome, losing one’s sense of reality…

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