We’ve staged our own reactionary mindfuck…

I managed to dredge up the one book from Osho (there are hundreds) that reactionaries could/would use to neutralize radicals and make them obedient disciples/ninnies, no more objections to the Code of Manu, caste laws. Do as you’re told even if you find out the buddhists generated nazis…

To be clear, Osho has hundreds of dialectical spectrum shifts in as many books: everything he says here is contradicted somewhere else. There are few more comprehensive such dialectical naviagations, and the result, well, cancels out.
It is a final judgment, and/or means nothing….But if we tried to use Osho for radical purposes we would be hypnotized into rightist views and maybe murdered. And even Osho advaitaizes a trek through that reactionary sludge. Very comprehensive.

I have seen Osho Commune: it is/was a brilliant moment and it shows a guru of a Club Med outfit with enough insight into the working class/lumpenproletariat to reverse mindfuck his disciples by inviting hundreds of homeless people to visit his Commune. I was one of them. That was a beautiful gesture, and I was there for that reason alone having been too broke to reach India. And the reason I would trust this combo of Indian spiritual super bullshit as a resource for the left…But…
We don’t even know if the ‘buddha’ was honest: his own relative was in charge and made off with many millions. Was this prearranged?

Osho put his thinking to a test: what happens when an enlightened buddha creates an experimental commune in the context of the economies of capitalism…The result is actually hard to judge, but it was a stunning apparition of a rarely or never realized possibility. He made a point that leftists should consider. The bolsheviks were incapable of creating communes.

It was also inconclusive and the CIA was all over it…The critics have spoken in a large number of books, but most of them miss the point. But I fear the buddhas haven’t really made their point. It is unclear just what is possible here.

We have seen the claims in the Bazaz book that the Gautama commune was a revolutionary movement attempting to reform/revolutionize India. It failed, was subject to slaughter, driven into exile, exported to Tibet where the remnant turned into, or was turned into, a reactionary kingdom in the Himalayas and the rumored staging ground for estoeric fascism in the gotterdammerung of the nineteenth century. That’s one way to rub Gautama’s nose into shit, turn the compassionate into nazis. Was ‘gautama’ still around? And what about those ‘boddhissatwas’?

To say that enlightened men should control politics then makes no sense: the neo-brahmins had dozens of ‘enlightened’ superassholes who enforced the law of caste and wrote dozens of the Advaita treatises now fawned over by the new age set and produced a stunningly phony Bible, the Gita, which has fooled everyone ever since, including Gandhi…

Osho seems to have tried to step beyond this legacy…

I think a leftist communist would do well to reckon with this and move to create a new spiritual path. With the Osho corpus in the rear view mirror. There aren’t enough sanskrit names to make Osho commune a global movement. It is already half dead from creepy xtian angels attacking it, plus sufi bad guys all over it, etc…

The current left wouldn’t survive a week in this terrain. We have demonstrated in a public record the 2,3,5 way system of murder that would annihilate leftists and make them kill each other off. I have myself been manipulated to discredit Osho, from what source, Gurdjieff the ghost, rogue sufis, reactionary gurus?

There is a good chance the left would go insane and liquidate all these spiritual groups. That’s not going to happen, but the tactics of historical material gave the early left a period of respite from religious/occult reactionaries.

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