Seeking refuge in Osho world //after my experience it would seem nuts, but go for it…

I have been successful here with the stragglers in the Gurdjieff movement, and they are looking wistfully at the Osho sphere as a refuge. Then I turn around and become critical. Where am I coming form.

Take refuge in the Osho world. Go for it. But you can’t inflict Gurdjieff on Osho sannyasins, obviously.

Look, most of this is probably Gurdjieff himself trying to discedit Osho. Or Sufis. So we haven’t even touched on Osho. But that’s ambiguous.

I think that beginners will get a welcome, not my experience, as of now….

Ditto for leftists. Adopt a stealth exploration of the Osho world as a resource for historical materialists.

Part of the problem here is my other work which various spiritual entities want to keep away from a guru control factor. That’ all. This melodrama was mostly needless, but springs from doing two things at once.

Just remember, you can’t be sure you can interact with a dead guru. And ‘surrender’ must be problematical. It belongs to a world where guru and disciple were acquainted and lived together. I can’t be asked for someone who reads a book on one continent about a guru on another, perhaps dead. Any astral entity whatever can enter there. Noone can keep track of ten thousand disciples.

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