The guru world at the shore of modernity

The tide of the gurus is receding and we have seen how the Osho world has tried to leverage the contradiction, but it won’t work, even thought the ‘authority’ of the gurus continues to attempt a stealth comeback under various disguises. What is the meaning of autonomy if the gurus can penetrate and destroy that? The answer is that they must betray their friends, and their friends ae finding out. This is what generates the fascist obsession.

Time to bring the rebellion to the commune and start over the First (buddha/teertanker) post-guru able to work with autonomous individuals. A new order of spiritual India can pass into a global commune.

Meanwhile the question of left communism 2.0 as in Last and First Men must fend for itself and can’t be a movement of zombie disciples…But it can study the Osho corpus as a record of antiquity trying to enter a new age…

It is thus a first step to enter the new era of modernity and void all spiritual surrenders to the dead men gurus from the past. Their own hidden masters are plotting a come back, but it won’t work.

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