The new age movement is dead: the guru model is intrinsically against freedom, hence the fascist ambiguity…Fuck you to all gurus…

The relationship between a guru and a disciple is a classic combination that arose in antiquity, involved people who knew and trusted each other, and, by and large, ceased with the death of the guru. It was what it was: check the legacy literature before people like Anirvan arose (they were not free to write the books they wrote and adopted unreasonable masochist standards no guru every claimed, in public at least).

That no longer holds. In my case I was interacting with an ‘Osho field’ or a bogus impostor for many years, yet never a sannyasin. The attempt to become one failed, and yet the ‘osho field’ was if anything worse after that. The reason is obvious and resembles ‘rendition’: you are isolated in a situation where noone can check on your status, making torture, invultuation, and psychic murder very easy to get away with. In a global environment where people buy books by gurus with their photographs on the cover a bogus discipleship relationship can begin with any astral entity using that situation for its own benefit. The traditional guru situation wasn’t equipped for this, assuming it was ever equipped for anything.

People can approach teachers for information, counseling, guidance, to be applied as autonomous individuals on their own path, which they must perform on their own. People now are made to feel guilty for doing this. But an ambiguity arises between someone teaching another, and someone taking control of the will of another. Osho gave himself away here by talking about teachers and masters, in the context of Gurdjieff. That suggests, and experience confirms it, that Osho acts as a ‘master’ (which may or may not be the standard definition in common usage), that is an entity, alive, then astral, that assumes control of the will of not just disciples but of whomever it/he pleases, and assumes that entity has no right to say no, no right to be informed of the unconscious seizure of control, and no right to protest being cannibalized, invultuated, turned into a zombie, e.g. fascist zombie, etc…
I suspect this is what happened to the nazis created by buddhists.
I see no indication the Osho entity, now astral, is any different. It seems to be trying to create a new tradition, but now we see that involves huge sacrifices from those who did not realize their surrender was their last act as autonomous spirits. And one problem there is that enlightenment ceases to be possible, save perhaps as a zombie theatre by the ‘guru entity’ spirit able to control and retrieve the energy involved in the fake enlightenment.

I cannot rule out that entirely exterior spirits (the two, three…way system of murder) cannot assume the appearance of the dead guru and carry out impostor activities. I have to wonder if most religion is not such activity, granting that religions like xtianity have at least some ability to police their fields over time, but leaving an immense gray area…who can survey a field of a billion people?

I think the whole question of gurus is over at this point. Sufis and dead spirits like Gurdjieff (and those are merely those I know about) are making the whole game dangerous. The simple solution is to be a witness to psychological invasion without succumbing to suggestibility. Celebrities are completely misleading here. They often get help to keep up appearances that others never get. It is important for ‘nobodies’ to stop indulging in fantasies of spiritual teachers, especially indian/sufi gurus they have never met, who almost certainly have never heard of you, and who cannot easily ‘astral project’ for complete strangers to deal with such a situation, assuming they ever find out. Human gurus have very limited powers: they often reached enlightenment by renouncing occult powers (though not always, who knows). But ‘demonic’ entities are often superoccultists, they sacrificed everything for such powers, only to stalk the astral plane as vampires in torment.
Such demonic entities (often the very dead gurus, false ones) can observe your will, spiritual practice and state, and subtly enter into it to screw your path royally. This must be what Gautama was encountering (his references are purely generic) as Mara, but I can’t make any reliable statements about that figure. His example won’t help at this point. You must start over.

To give an example, I had a successful 4 am meditation practice, til I discussed online here, after which it was shot to hell….And I have often put down on paper schedules of practice, ‘To do’, intents about the future…those are juicy targets for these entities…Are they real? imaginary? projections? Hard to say, and noone can offer serious advice.

Still another brand of confusion is appearing now. These entities know well the need to act autonomously and we see now the perfect trap: the Crowley path, finding your own true will. A great resolve, to find your own will, but not as a Faust using occult black magic. Avoid it like the plague: it is the mirror image of Mara deceiving meditators.

You can reach enlightenment without realizing your true will. Beware of bringing your will out in the open.

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