All around fuck you to all gurus, sufis, plus mohammed, jesus…

This situation is an insult to my intelligence. This must be the first time someone prompts a buddha who says that he is t enlightened that he isn’t. If I am that advanced, I don’t need you.

In terms of sufis I have created enough embarrassment that they wish to set me up as a teacher to hide the fact that sufi like Gold sneak up on people as they approach enlighenement. They want to cover their tracks.

PLease, I am not a part of this game anymore. The path of enlightenment is under a cloud. Sufis have wrecked their ‘soul’ tech and suffer corrupt integrity…

I have said it several times: I am not a part of the ‘new age’ movement at this point. I am not a disciple firend of follower of any of the gurus, gautama, osho, or sufi sheiks/Gurdjieff. It is over, completely.
If I am so enlightened (ha ha I was waiting for that) then I pull rank on the whole gang and will let them know if I have further instructions.

Reading Osho on Vivekananda (in search of the miraculous): Vivekananda really got screwed by his guru and lost in operational enlightenment. That was ugly and I am suspicious Osho is doing this with certain sannyasins: he seems to have tried it with me but I found out.

That’s a good reason to not do ‘surrender’, period.
They must be trying out the Advaita Con Poonja tried on so many, ha ha…

There is path emerging from the modern world, so far not complete. There is no final need for gurus, buddhas, sheiks, jesus, mohammed…

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