Buddhism is over…


I have left the previous post alone for a few days, to let it sink in. Let me note an irony: to carry this program you need asap a program or path of ‘meditation’ or some kind of self-awareness project to really achieve liberation from this larger occult nightmare of buddhists, or buddhas, sufi gangsters and occultists, etc, and you might even go under cover into the remnants of these entities to find the resources to do all this!

The question of Osho is up in the air.

The issue of buddhism is critical. If the final phase of modern esoteric buddhism generated nazism, as claimed by Osho, buddhism is finished. I must operate from now on that basis. The idea that spiritual allegiance includes an automatic Heil Hitler in the name of buddhist authority is so grotesque it is beyond belief. To be fair I think the new age of modernity saw the ‘guatama entity’ long gone as his legacy simply moved into modernity there to reckon its future on its own. Who/what/when took over the remnant sangha to generate fascist antimodernism is thus unclear. And this scenario seems unlikely to me.

Escaping a juggernauat as menacing as even the remnant of buddhist fascism requires meditation to overcome buddhism’s occult dynamite, so better get started…

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