The mindfulness movement, an irony…

Someone very powerful must already be attempting an evacuation from buddhism with the attempt at a ‘secular’ (the term is misused) version of the core teaching of meditation. Best of luck to such. But keep in mind that ‘santana dharma’ transcends hinduism/buddhism and points to a timeless legacy that would try to create a post-buddhism in modernity itself. It must be ruthless and allow no buddhist legacies to enter into its formulation, which can reconstruct from scratch from elements of remorphed ‘yoga’/dharma taken experimentally. That is impossible to hope for, but who knows, maybe…

The point is that the complexity of ‘consciousness’ is a species level issue and buddhism/hinduism have no monopoly over meditation. Meditation is already moving into the rear window. We can reconstruct the legacy of homo sapiens from the basics of ‘meditation in action’ as attention/consciousness, etc…Someone in the Jain legacy (such as Osho) might be helpful here, assuming he is not part of the cancerated buddhist legacy…

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