I don’t care to reach enlightenment with the current crop of degenerate gurus…and// The Advaita generation, a real path or a hoax?

The hidden world of gurus is desperate to get me enlightened thence in their camp…In desperation I am being shunted into Advaita where some fast realization might make me relent on my ‘spit in your face’ tactics in the transition by and by guru land.

I don’t care to reach enlightenment with this corpus of materials, or any of the other degenerate gurus and sufis, although I have responded to a Request for Comment on this legacy, which, unbelievably, I missed in all these years since the seventies.
I will refrain from snap judgments and reflect on the thirty books just acquired with credit card debt on the subject.

It hardly matters at this point. I suspect, and this is a guess on my part, that the legacy here is so confounded by its history that it is barely functional. The era of Shankara was the era of the triumph over and destruction of buddhism exiled from India to the vastness of Tibet and South Asia. And the legacy of Advaita like that of Vedanta is based on the false foundation of Vedism, with what confusion of its basic teaching we know not.
The failure to see that the Aryan invasions produced a false hybrid tradition of Aryan mythos and Vedism grafted onto ‘santana dharma’ has made the whole tradition of Hinduism a confusing labyrinth. And I have to wonder if the Aryans confronting ancient yogis weren’t just as tempted by a ‘short path’ as westerners are now with the strange lore of Advaita.

I am not at the point of being able to assess this apparition of the seventies to nineties. But it is being used it appears to create a crop of ‘realized quickeis’ to show some kind of result from the gang of frenzied westerners traveling the India circuit.
I cannot yet come to an understanding of this sector of the great Indian tradition, but it is already problematical in the way it has produced the confusions of Da Free John, Lozowick, and Andrew Cohen. I was unable of this whole side of Ramana Maharsi, an obscure figure who is more than his benign front.

For myself I am still zero for zero on all new age paths, and the sufi connection is nightmarishly worse. A big zero. Thanks a lot guys, known by your mugshots at this point…

I think Paul Brunton’s work The Short Path, in its first few pages can be helpful to many suffering The Gurdjieff Con, a false path in which you can be stuck forever in a treadmill…Escape…

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