The Maharsi sphere (= Brunton entity?) denouncing their own reactionary background…

This method is actually proving effective, maybe: being denounced forces entities with the psychic clout to figure things out to check things out, but they won’t go public.
My citation of Brunton at the start seems right, with support in the background

I am chided for not including discussion/reference to 1. Hindu power zones, the gurus behind the gurus…not the same as Hindutva, but reactionary… dead beings processed as zombie entities, Bollywood faust cases..2. EJ Gold and jewish supremacists???/gurdjieff in league with reactionary entities 3. Sufis in the majority incapable of occult action 4. impotent xtians with no clue to anything…5. the only group with the power to stage a fascist movement were the ‘buddhist’. with a swatstika from the hapless Jains?

A larger social project that fulfills the critique of the new age movement is a response the 2/6 way system of murder taking the form of a 2/6 system of counter attack consisting of
1. an exit from the Osho sphere
2. a critique of buddhism and an indication of its proximate demise,
and this includes an examination of Advaita/Hinduism/Vedism…
3. a call to dismantle Tibetan buddhism
4. a double critique of Islam/sufism,
5. a expose of sufi gangsterism
6. an expose of Islam’s hidden and corrupt ‘soul’ process
7. a call to dismantle Islam
8. an expose of xtianity and its incoherent theology (long exposed by Islam) and a reminder of its suppressed Munzerian communist gospel
7. declaration of ‘war’ against the Gurdjeff Con and a debriefing call to scrap its pretension to being a spiritual movement…
with a related expose of the Gold pseudo-sufism…
8. a request to not subject the exiles of these movements to the inadequate new atheist movement, or secular humanism as current.
9. a further debriefing of jewish covenental mythology, jewish supremacist occultism, the Isreali pretense to a jewish homeland, a call to dismantle jewish israel, and a boycott of jewish new age gurus: the principle duty of jews is assimilation if they course is spiritual teaching…

A new study of modenrity is required to see the exist strategies open here, and a new brand of secular humanism is urgently needed….

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