The guru model is dead…where do we go from here?

It is the gurus themselves who have destroyed the future of guruism. It was not/is not reasonable to think that another human being who claims ‘enlightened’ has the right to become a kind of dictator of the spirit of others. The pretense that they are needed to produce enlightenment is what fuels the illusion.
I think, ironically, that Anirvan’s To Live Within ended the whole game by trying to defend it: the model is a kind of Nietzschean hyperman with a new morality that can deal with a flock of disciples, who have no rights, most of whom end up as food, ‘gutted souls’ and/or dead zombies in a future scheme of ‘civilization’, with a few demonstration cases for public consumption.

That model won’t work anymore. And I am puzzled that Osho, on the threshold of walking away from it, actually produced another almost worse version of it. I can hardly think of anything more disgusting that the last two years of interaction here, although the Gurdjieff/Gold/sufi brands are probably worse. But Osho’s refusal to respect the freedom of a follower is the endgame coming ot his commune.
Surely xtianity is no better, so…

These dead gurus are vampires who use a parody of a path to enlightenment to invultuate the will and feed off the energy of the dupe thinking this is a path. We were warned: dead gurus are rapidly taken over by something else.

The question is, how did Gautama evade this problem, briefly, to produce a viable religion for a good part of the new era in the wake of the Axial Age? And when did this effort collapse? How on earth did all that end up in a fascist grand finale? Surely in an ironic commentary on the path of the boddhissatwas the ‘gautama’ entity simply passed away and his sangha was flooded with the demonic. The destruction of buddhism in India didn’t help.

We need to carefully research the whole history so we can figure what we are doing. But the dead Osho isn’t going to last a century, let alone a whole age period.

We are going to end up in a wasteland of commercialized mindfulness workshops….

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