A review: The Fourth Way and Esoteric Christianity


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This review is from: The Fourth Way and Esoteric Christianity (Paperback)
Don’t be fooled by this book and its related titles. The idea that Christianity hides an esoteric version in the form of the ‘fourth way’ is a complete fabrication by Gurdjieff, whose thinking confused the issue of what Christian religion really is. The idea of the fourth way has no basis whatsoever in historical fact, not a single instance can be pointed to before the term began to be used in the twentieth century. Christianity, whatever else it is, was a religion that was completely open and simple. To say that there was a hidden version like the fourth way depicted by Ouspensky is both implausible and and completely confusing. It implies that demonic figures, and Gurdjeff calls himself a devil, were really behind the religion, and this truth was never divulged to its members. If it were true then such Christians should abandon such a religion at once, because they are open to dangerous occultist like Gurdjieff, whose lies make any spiritual path confused and unusable.
The point Gurdjieff was trying to make, perhaps, in the complete muddle he made of spiritual esotericism, is that some parts of Christianity echo very ancient teachings, perhaps from Egypt. Perhaps so, let the proof be given with evidence with the bait and switch act of gnostics like Gurdjieff whose hidden agenda is malevolent. The whole literature of the New Testament is confused enough, adding the completely confused and bogus issue of the ‘fourth way’ is a kind of power grap intending to transfer authority to an occultism, such as Gurdjieff.
The whole of Christian theology is being rewritten with this stealth promotion of Gurdjieff’s ideas, witness also the complete idiocy of the ‘enneagram’ myth being similarly used to wiseacre Christian theology.
Gurdjieff clearly gave the warning, cleverly presenting himself as above the wolf’s real intent with the sheep, in speaking of the magician after the skins of the unsuspecting seekers.
Christians have to answer for their religion as it is in tradition. They don’t have to surrender to the wolf in esoteric trapping trying to plant a clever theological trap for the unsuspecting.

Again, let anyone give evidence of a fourth way school in history.

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