Review of Osho on Buddha…buddhism turned fascist disintegrates…Osho too second rate to replace gautama…

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This review is from: Buddha: His Life and Teachings and Impact on Humanity (Pillars of Consciousness) (Paperback)
Did Osho finish off buddhism? Osho, then Rajneesh’s, declaration that buddhism was involved in the occult fascism of the nazi era probably seeld the death warrant of buddhism, which was a creature of the Axial Age destined to pass away in the new era ignited by modernity. And we have to wonder if the neo-buddhism of Osho can survive the charge made against gurus and their powers of mindcontrol used for purposes other than leading toward enlightenment.
I think that the New Age movement has failed to see the implications of its own modern history and the calamity created by exposing a world religion as involved in fascism.
I think that the religions of the Axial era are doomed to pass away, and that Osho’s concoction, while strictly speaking modernist (santana dharma in all age periods), is going to fail to if it can’t detach from the buddhist nightmare. People are flooding out of the realm of the buddhas into the diminished but freer realm of mindfulness workshops. The path to enlightenment must be rescued from (neo-)buddhists and placed in a universal context. Osho is second rate behind Gautama. But if the latter’s dharma is cancerated, we are left with nothing.

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