Mysterious communication/Intervention from somewho near the Maharsi entity

As with last year and Nisargadatta somewho from the Maharsi sphere has intervened with a warning about Osho’s predatory treatment of this one and my futile/defunct Osho project. Leftists could be eaten alive in such a project. ‘Hey, guy, Osho doesn’t like you, be gone fast’. The destructive murderous invultuation over the last year has produced chaos in my life. My citation of Osho’s suicide in his last birth relevant to my life has resulted in a kind of eager/demon attempt to make me kill myself: kill yourself and be my successor. The situation is so confusing due to shifting fronts, Gurdjieff, sufis, etc…convenient objects of blame, and not friends either….

I have received a suggestion that, while the guru sphere around the Maharsi field is hardly enthusiastic about communism, they are concerned about the reactionary character of their Hindu milieu and would be more than happy to see the paths of yoga/buddhism shifted toward a socially progressive center of gravity, remaining outside of politics as such. They would a lot happier with socialism lite than hard communism, but accept the need for some kind of neo-communists spiritual path or religion: my idea of samkhya materialism seems apt. The incurable reactionary hindu world of castegoing from bad to worse with Hindutva is going to kill the whole legacy, and it needs an exit strategy, perhaps to a global community. The indian phenomenon, to be warned, has deep roots in Indian history, and possibly genetics, and the danger of superficial remnants in global diffusion is real, but the risk must be taken: it is very hard for outsiders to really achieve enlightenment, for reasons that are not clear.
The Maharsi sphere, as per Brunton, has no interest whatever in the fascist games that will taken buddhism down the drainpipe. A leftist perspective of some type, without political trappings, could be a refuge.

I get the suggestion to strip Advaita from its Hindu hallucination as Vedic tradition and place in its original historical context of ‘santana dharma’, wary of the latter’s original still primitive formats of millennia gone by. Thus, why Oshoism, when the santana dharma is in principle a universal human legacy. The realm of buddhism and Oshoism are both really forms of bhakti yoga centered on a single super-authoritarian person, making them vulnerable to just the fascism I have been protesting. How could Oshoism be used for a general path given its focus with the mala on th person of the guru? That made sense while Osho was alive and in the context of India, it makes no sense in the wake of that brief initiative. The world of Advaita is far more protected due to the multiplicity of gurus who end up keeping an eye on each other. The shallow Nietzschean strain in Osho is already a western distortion. Gurus aren’t supposed to be supermen who run around cannibalizing hapless disciples, in the parody of Anirvan’s fan club infatuation with Gurdjieff. Forget all that: a spiritual guru has to be above predatory appropriation of a seeker’s energies and life. That sad reality of multiple gurus not conforming to any standard makes it important to extract a version of the teaching for a global community.

The Advaita stripped from its Hindu imposter’s moorings could serve very well, despite its strong idealist cast which would alienate most western leftists. But that issue is hardly important. Advaita could pass between religions of the will, and materialist scientism without much trouble. Its core is invariant to all religions/philosophies. The question of ‘consciousness’ is even showing a connection to basic physics.

In any case, I am advised to stay away from the Osho sphere at the risk of spiritual destruction, with the sufis/Gurdjieff also in malevolent pursuit. These gangsters dislike honest men and go out of their way to make fun of, if not destroy them. Ouspensky was right to recoil from the Gurdjieff action.

The paths near Advaita have their own problems, but stripped of the Vedic grafting they represent one core aspect of santana dharma and could serve a western leftist very well.

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