Religion, the new age movement, and the end of a set of false paths…

I have to look back and come to some kind of intelligent conclusion about the wasteland of new age junk spirituality from sufism to the brands of ‘buddhism’ that has taken up so much time, and produced nothing. Being called ‘enlightened’ was the last joke: clearly that was final sick joke. I think that it is a relief to be rid of the whole idiocy, but unfortunately I am worse off than when I started, have acquired a set of dangerous enemies, and am afflicted with a host of bardo/demons that are hard to defang. So getting back to my starting point is not yet achieved.
I had several ‘satori’ experiences before or outside the new age sphere which was from beginning to end a distracting set of deceptions.

I think one should:

escape at once the false promotion of enlightenment by predatory gurus, hindu or buddhist
try to disentangle from sufi predators, and the related but different entanglement with a complex alternate monotheism, Islam. Sufis as nihilists are hardly among the devout. But the labyrinth of sufism is impossible to decipher. And its complex ‘seed plexus’ technique is at risk of being captured by psychopaths, making rapid exit from sufi realms absolutely essential.
dump the ‘seed plexus’ soul path as unrealizable and extremely dangerous: at risk of being turned into a permanent demon via the sufi slave markets.
One suspects Gurdjieff was a slave demon of hidden masters setting up seekers for ripoff. Staying away from gurdjieffianity. It is not so hard to do that now. the whole game is so riddled with obvious junk like the enneagram, the fourth way, and the rest of it, that it not so attractive as it once was. If Oscar Ichazo was set up for fake enlightenment, the message should be clear, stay away. Those who disagree are free to explain without lies what this from of sufism is about. That they can’t do. The Gurdjieff outer core amounts to about the same as a mindfulness workhsop, the latter being at least clear.

The path of buddhism is suddenly seen, via the expose of Rajneesh, to be a dangerous crypto-political brand of fascism with suspected connections to the rise of Nazism. Reacting in shock one must simply drop the ‘buddhist’ path and legacy (the ‘Heil Gautama’ brand). That’s all it is, a brand, from the Axial Age. The larger history remains, as an unknown, one of its unknowns being ‘hinduism’, which is so confused by its false Aryan hybridization as to be an equal unknown. We see the problem in the ‘guru’ as superman resolving disciples to a system of caste, a species of bullshit calling the whole thing in question. The legacy as a whole has yet to find its modern form, if any. Its basically fascist core is destructive of the autonomy of the seeker and results in the invultuation of seekers as ‘dead zombie’ in a guru system, which may or may not have a future culture project..
I fear Osho is caught up in the same judgment and is unable to escape ‘buddhist gravitational black hole’ syndrome.
I have experienced nothing but attempted zombification from the Osho source and need to fight my way out of the whole racket, which seems to be trying to find its continuation. Goodby to that, from this quarter. To me, the Osho interaction was not on the level, despite a strange epiphany phase in my Oregon years and travels. I had a brief ‘occult’ contact with something which amounts to nothing much. But the experience of the miraculous is not without interest. But Ouspensky made a great mistake, which Gurdjieff, chuckling, failed to correct: aim higher, the miraculous is merely rare and otherwise samsaric.
One must distinguish Osho live and dead. I never had any contact with the live Osho, while the dead is a dangerous vampire (probably a substitue demonic capturing his dead astral image). So the whole Osho question is useless, apart from reading his books. I have read three hundred of them, with no result.

I am not back to the point at which I started because I have dangerous enemies who will kill to conceal their basic fascist character, the worst being the ‘Heil Gautama’ faction.
I think the path of the bodhissatwas is a fraud at this point: it has created an immense field of people frozen in state with no hope of enlightenment, preyed on by an invisible sangha of vultures feeding off their energies. How convenient, an army destined to never reach enlightenment.
I sought reference in Xtianity and am a born again xtian. IN fact, I was told to bugger off, the whole thing is a joke. From the horse’s mouth?
Being ‘born again’ is something real, but almost never occurs in xtianity. Good bye to that.

So I have nothing to point to exccept a brief ‘satori’ before I entered the new age movement, or met any gurus. I can only hope to rediscover that moment on my own.

I should point out that I have had a special set of problems which others can evade…:
1. I have been confused with the reincarnation of Ouspensky ehich resulted in a set of hidden sufis privy to that ‘rumor’ attempting to rip off the ‘immense baraka’ bestowed on the original Ouspensky. The grim realization sufis won’t share their knowledge with seekers and instead keep them in the dark about their previous lives is a reminder to be wary of sufis altogether.

2. I interacted with figures like the sordid EJ Gold who produce a triple confusion of jewish supremacism, gurdjieff usurpation, and crowley black magic dsiguised behind sufism/gurdjieff. A pretty sordid joke, and needless to say futile waste of time. To make it worse, Gold seems to take out what his followers call a ‘mafia contract’ on various victims, which must result in death or the breaking of a magical vow. Another nightmare. Stay away, no?
The sufi soul process is a lost cause at this point, and I am advised that the remnant phenomenon will get stripped out in the bardo transition.

Here the fragments of the original ‘santana dharma’ remain of interest. Here one can quietly take up a private short version of the ‘short path’ described by Brunton, aware that it is too good to be true. But his material can be an ‘instant’ realization in an FYI ‘information’ sense. You are already ‘enlightened’. Whether or not you are able to achieve the classic forms of ‘realization’ of that enlightenment is another question. The latter is rare and unlikely, so you had best reckon with that reality and adopt a from of self-description as ‘enlightened’ but not fully realized. This can be an honest form of samsaric contintuation without the entanglement in the slave rackets of the various gurus and sufis.
Modern ‘secular’ society (which has been misdescribed by secular humanists) is a system created among others reason for just this kind of situation, and allows a life continuation with demons, religious slave markets, and salvation peddlers. Secularism is about free individuals with their autonomy, and allows a form of existence without the ‘plantation’ system of ashrams and sufi ranges that are really ‘factories of the work’ in the Gurdjieff predation/extraction system, which never got off the ground, but all to real in other guru/sufi shperes.
Ouspensky was right to smell a rat. He froze and never recovered his trust in gurus.

So you exit with nothing. But the FYI from of understanding your real nature as a member homo sapiens armed with a potential set of forms of consciousness remains. We must suspect that since ‘enlightenment’ is and always was man’s basic birthright that it has been hijacked by the very gurus and others promoting its recovery. Extracting the basic energies of a creature like homo sapiens is very profitable. Selling it back to you (without delivering the goods) is a bit foolish for you.
I would be wary of the whole game.
To be continued….

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