Unfair to Osho?

I don’t think so, but to put the confusion here in perspective we should recall that Osho was a ‘master of masters’ and expressed the full range of a set of classic but ‘neo-” buddhist themes, and as the ‘dead buddha’ is overtaken by a demonic we can stand back and look at the most basic level at the transmission of ‘mere’ information. What we make of it is our future search.

The Indic world is casting its legacy into the global stream and trying to evade the failure of modernity to amplify ancient legacies. I think that if it true that if buddhists in desperation attempted to use fascist means to somehow overthrow modernity then they are both unwise and ‘done for’. It is part of the logic of renewal for these Axial Age legacies to suffer this fate.

The world of Osho is slightly different: the legacy of his books is pure ‘santana dharma’ and it is a modern initiative and will pass muster in the future as a modern set of realizations of something that is trans-epochal, beyond old and new ages.

This is something different from the action of ‘masters’, a term suspicious echoing the theme of masters and slaves. That aspect of the greater legacy is going to get a drubbing, and the counter (attack) is just beginning. It was foolish of anyone connected to dharma to think they had the right to become ‘masters’ and totally control the psyches of unwilling and unwary victims. This will simply set the ancient traditions up for elimination. The truth we suspect is really stark: enthusiastic seekers entering buddhism to become dead zombies in a fascist game, while the bigshots with plausible deniability cloaked themselves in buddhist compassion.

The whole sangha is going to go down the tubes in the wrath of those who could have pointed out (and did) the reality of the term ‘master’.

Looking at the average ashram the success rate of these ‘masters’ is so dismal it is surprising anyone wishes to bother, or why they were taken in. It is a dreadful and stupid bargain: surrender autonomy for an evanescent chance of enlightenment, failure being fatal. to soul, not just the body…

There has to be a better way, and many have found it. Some of them masters, but many simple wise to the whole game.

Meanwhile the left could use this legacy in the sense of information via the ‘master of masters’. A term that should be translated back into sanskrit as ‘traffic cop’.

The next phase of the Commune, or one of them should be a rebellion of the outsider sangha: a path without the ‘mala’ from global citizens visiting the legacy of dharmic information and not making false commitments to dead entities that are inscrutable. In that vein the recommendation of the western left makes sense and still stands (although in my own case I should note that I observe the phenomenon from a foxhole. I would avoid it completely save that out in the open even worse sufi and other monsters perk up at a possible victim out in the open. So the partial cover of the Osho sphere is a balance of two emnities, in standard operating foxhole logic.

The issue is simple: not knowing is worse than knowing, partaking of the legacy which tries to enforce a faustion price. There is no price to be paid. The public domain aspect of the Osho legacy is clear: and his breadth tokens the symbolism we have given to it.

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