Once more: to walk away with respect…

I cannot be accused of egregious attacks on gurus, or Osho. Review this blog. I have volunteered multiple times, witness this blog, to walk away from the Osho situation, repeatedly being reinsnared. His sannyasins detest me, I am sure, and I have little to offer them, and need to move on. Review this blog to see how many times I have said that.
The almost obsessive attempt to destroy autonomy and invultuate someone against their will has given away the clue to the guru world, and it is sordid.
I will try again in good faith, with the power to damage the Osho movement otherwise.

I can be helpful from a distance. Time to move on. I have no connection with the new age world in any case, and don’t belong there any more.

I have suggested a continuation of the Osho line with a series of twenty four successions. If that is relevant, review some of the material here to make that something viable…The time is approaching. The demons at the gate are taking over the commune. be vigilant…

I am not a part of that, and have finished what I was requested to do, helpful or not.

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