Answer re: Advaita question

I have finished as per request my quick take on Advaita: despite a shellacking from the boundaries, the core legacy is part of the ancient tradition of Indic religion, predating its appropriation and hybridization by the Aryan entry factor. Hindu commentary will refuse to accept this, but the problem should therefore be solved outside of the hindu historical nexus. I use the term hindu for the form of Indian religion that arose in the wake of the Aryan entry phase. This is distinguished from ‘santana dharma’ pointing to the long history of ‘dharmic’ religion that goes back very far, perhaps millennia.
That tradition is not properly summarized in either hindu tradition or Advaita, and has components found in Jainism and thence Buddhism, and much else.

I will stop short on this since I don’t feel confident in such a complicated discussion, but wish to exit the discussion for the moment: however, the Advaita material is a great way to clarity the issues of the path of enlightenment, if not to enlightenment, but it can induce a sense of being enlightened on the basis of intellectual understanding, not ‘enlightenment’ realization.

I will pursue this further, but my basic answer is clear, for the moment…

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