How does that fart the Dalai Lama answer to the charge of buddhist nazism? Time to dismantle Tibetan buddhism…

I think the question of a ‘buddhadharma’ has become irrelevant: after the fascist blowout of gautama/buddhism the issue of Osho’s continuation is of no importance. I have to wonder, given the evidence of the history (granting the useless confusion of idiots like Calder) if Osho cared whether his movement would have a future.

The critics, whom I am glad to read, should ask themselves why someone like Osho, with everything ahead of him, would have acted in the way he did. I have suggested he given up will and simply watched himself acting after that. I suggested that given the fascist confusion he saw the buddhist path as being a dead end and indicated that.

I can’t answer the question, to be sure, but I think that Osho is sending a message to the buddhists old and new, that a new way has to be found in the new era, where Osho straddles old and new. I think he saw that his holy reputation would be a joke anyway…

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