Realizing gautama buddhism ended in fascism and worse is sowing seeds of mass insanity…even Osho going insane can’t help

I am eager to get to the bottom of the Osho mystery and these books seem to do that, but a closer look shows still another work that would be struck down in a court of law as inadmissible evidence. Over and over good criticisms get bent out of shape into distortions. So once again we are in search of a book that can tell the truth aboutthe Osho movement.
There are a few hints this is a Christian hatchet job of some kind.
Nevertheless the book has a lot of upsetting material. Nonetheless it is my understanding that Rajneesh/Osho was enlightened. That makes the whole puzzle hard to figure…

My suggestion, which is worth considering, is that if the buddhist sangha is discovered seeding modern fascism up to nazism then Osho’s insanity is a way to exit the whole tradition.

For myself, I can’t seriously buddhist texts anymore given the state of mind emerging in the wake of Osho’s whispered expose…the revenge, it seems, was swift and deadly…

The book (online text?) did however terminate my Osho project, if it can do so twice: the Commune now is a bit corporation making millions of dollars a year. How could it be hidden background is casting about for beggars like me in desperation for its future?

I must be one of many such: the Osho entity is desperate. I have said what I have to say, not much, and I think there are better qualified commenters, but maybe not. I have a unique, but limited, perspecitve. But so do others.

If rich sannyasins need help from beggars like me they are fucked, beyond help…The whole game will fade away as a Club Med whorehouse with a nutty buddha founder…

Osho will end up a scapegoat for the crimes of Gautama…

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