What are the limits of surrender?

To see what is going on here consider the point at which even a committed devotee is forced to revolt against the ‘surrender’ doctrine:

surrender implies
respect and audition to a spiritual teacher
consent to acts of will by a teacher on a disciple
consent to acts of will by a teacher on the unconscious of a student
the above with, or without conscious awareness of the student
The above with respect to criminal activity by the disciple
total unconditional obedience
absolute obedience of the nazi brand
passivity/assent to experimentation, psychological manipulation
loss of will permanently over a range of lives (with no direct assent, or awareness)

It gets worse
…consent (never granted, but assumed from the first original surrender) to be turned into a demon by a ‘spiritual teacher’ …

We fail to realize the immense destruction of buddhist adherents in later buddhism who were subjected to the above, and more, much worse.
In fact, most I suspect were turned into dead zombies controlled by a buddhist hierarchy

the question of nazism is perhaps a later phenomenon after the sangha was ditched by the hierarchy and was taken over by unknown entities…

Before issuing claptrap about gurus and sacrifice keep in mind the reality of this mafia, and the fact you would yourself expect to slip away…

I find it hard to believe Osho was like this. It doesn’t matter. He no longer controls his ashram…

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