Liquidation of the sangha faithful…

It would be better to shut the commune down. Maintain an historical presence in the Poona ashram, and drive sannyasins to something new. The mala with its image of Osho is no longer a safe or useful path.
Preserve your essence to a new possibility, and skip this overpriced clipjoint that will soon have the mentality of Ayn Rand.
I think the Osho entity wishes to disperse the rising abortion of his labors before he/it passes into the beyond…I don’t know, it is not up to me, and I can’t see the future there.

But I can sometimes hear the terrified screams as they were extinguished in the astral realm of the humble and devoted buddhists who discovered too late who the ‘buddha’ really was…I have to suspect Gautama was likewise so liquidated near the end, as his sangha was captured…

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