The coming revolution and the liquidation of the gurus…the dead gurus are more difficult, but…

Let me once again make my modernist declaration: we have moved into a new era, and the attempts of archaic gurus to impose their will via stealth new-age come-ons is a crypto-fascist tactic that will end by destroying all these antique legacies, and that includes buddhism, hinduism, and the Osho mess. And that will include in the end the Islamic, sufistic, and Xtian legacies, although these are slightly different.

The tenacity of these gurus, especially once dead, to control the wills of those they snared with the promise of the path of enlightenment, can easily destroy those individuals in the will to power game of the gurus in question.

The whole game is frustrated by the inherent antiquity of all these paths and the ‘epochal’ forces in motion to destroy them. I didn’t create this situation, so give me a break here. The Osho commune has many elements adapted to modernity, and it is founded in modernity, but its core is still negating autonomy and freedom, and it won’t stand….

Therefore I withdraw my endorsements, and call for a new continuation there. But the result has slipped into the real trash of a neo-liberal club med commercial organization, its own self-generated nemesis. But I need to move to a warning that this context will rapidly degenerate into an occult ripoff racket consuming disciples.
Best to dismantle it, the more so since the fascist gangs at work here are obviously trying to take over the commune, with what stance by the Osho entity I don’t knwo..

We don’t need this bullshit anymore. The whole game of gurus was most ironically exposed forever by Anirvan’s stupid attempt at a defense of Gurdjieff and his sly call for Ouspensky to be murdered.

Give me a fucking break. Time to isolate the core legacy of santana dharm, globalize it as public domian information, and move to a post dharmic India free of hinduism/caste/guru/cannibals/occult fascists. It’s over when it is over. The real santana dharma can continue where genuine in an historical museum (which is what India is already)….

Look at what is happening: sufi/gurdjieff gangsters have already destroyed the Islamic ‘soul’ legacy and such entities are going to create cannibal fronts out of helpless ashrams like the commune. Such pseudo-buddha fields are unsafe for innocent outsdiers. Ditto buddhism?

Note how people are already trying to create autonomous ‘mindfulness’ movements, and Advaita groups (spawning neo-advaita???) appear to have successfully extracted the core legacy for a global public domain with possible teachers but no gurus….We cannot assume they have succeeded fully just yet. There are hidden djinns/supermasters/big-devils (like Faust and Mephisto) who control (or try to) the Bollywood/guru ‘enlightenment’ game and few escape as some are processed into dead zombies in Bollywood (as one garbage dump) and/or consumed and terminated.
Real enlightenment is the only real option. But what is that? Does Osho fit into that rubric. His gradual motion into ‘beyond enlightenment’ doesn’t leave me optimistic he really made it. The commune will pass in any case into hands of those hidden ‘master’.

We must study the dangers of ‘shaktipat’ and the whole game of ‘quickie buddhas’ used as fronts. Where is Osho in this racket?

Seach the archives at Darwiniana for the meaning of the term ‘liquidation’.

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