Tactics of disciple domination

The whole game of gurus needs to come to an end. It is wrong, rotten, ineffective, and a power trip of the perps. I had expected more from Osho, but he seems in many ways the worst.
I have wasted a tremendous amount of time with this figure, only to discover after decades his hidden methods of invultuation. He never intends for most of his followers to become enlightened,and blocks the possibility. And in my case I am not even a disciple. I have made that clear many times. But he prefers spiritual rape. It is like Gurdjieff’s demand for a willing slave (after endless torture til the victim gives up).

I suspect this was one way gautama created some many violent fascists..

I think the left should set a challenge to the Osho system, take it over, close it down, wipe it out, study it to do it right….

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