The Osho curse: an endless war as long as you live? learning to fight back…fuck you to this gangster cannibal buddha scumbag who knows he has failed…ditto for gautama..and that fart the dalai lama

Osho doesn’t believe in freedom or rights and tries to make a point of destroying lone dissenters. He scuttles the path to enlightenment to create dependent entities that can work in his future project of a world religion (he will never make in that direction, too many scandals, too much incompetence…)

I have been wary of this figure all along but he create a deceptive trap for me by flattering me into working on a leftist commune project, in retrospect without any basis whatever in this commercial enterprise. This gonzo actually used a request for help as a trap for spiritual murder.

The best solution here is: don’t get started. If you get trapped, fight back. Denunciation on this blog has helped…You can’t have anything to do with him. If you pick up one of his books, it starts all over (but it takes time for the ‘entity’ to focus in a vast field of zombies…
Such figures are extremely vulnerable on the PR front, so don’t lose hope.
We live in the age of the Internet. For the first time guru murders are being documented. Try to survive.
If you surrender the will and the result is attempted murder there is an ethic beyond Nietzsche fantasies of this gurus that can be the basis of self-defense.
Keep in mind the bogus nature of the work of Anirvan types, and the false idiocy of Nietzschean overman justifications. The real ‘overmen’ are far far more advanced that a nickel and dime indic buddha type on an astral ‘ego’ trip, the latter a bit odd in the ‘enlightened’.

Reread Osho on politics, power, rights, etc…he assume you have no rights, seems to be long/range planning some fascist who knows what…time to pull the plug…we don’t need another religion in a parody of buddhism…
Always consider the default explanation B: some entity is usurping the form of another to discredit that entity.
It is not believable anymore in this case.

We are moving into a new era of spirituality and these gurus are all hasbeens.

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