Using shock tactics and rebellion to break the guru connections and assaults…

The style here is not very polite, but it works, so no apologies. I have laid the groundwork to neutralize Gurdjieff, expose that creepy monster/devil Gold, and with Osho placed a severe caution at the threshold.
I am now persona non grata in the Indian guru circuit generally, I feel the waves of hatred, but that’s too bad. I suddenly realized how much energy was being drained away by these creeps.

But the sufis are the worst. The seed plexus situation is a lost cause. Under no circumstances can I make any use of it.

What a shitty deal: to surrender to a totally anonymous entity to develop an occult ‘soul’ factor with no rights, no feedback, and and guarantee these aren’t gangsters trying to create demons, slave souls, and worse…

Warn the world: sufism is gangster ridden…

See that you learn this lesson: you may have to escape yourself. Your only path is the path of enlightenment, done alone, probably with stealth cover. Be advised…

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