A serious warning: steer clear of dead gurus

Because I crossed a trip wire by running this blog and critiquing various gurus, now Osho, I have been introduced willy nilly to a remarkable display of the occult power of dead gurus. BEWARE. You can never be sure, first, that an interaction is a. simply subjective or b. that it is the action of a different entity using the dead image as a front….
But with Osho there is often a powerful presence that leads one to drop one’s guard. But a real buddha if he discovers abuse will attempt to correct the situation. That is why over time, the failure to do makes the third interpretation likely, c. the dead guru is using the entity trying to use it as a front as a front.
I am suspicious of the malevolent aspect of the Osho entity now. In Osho’s favor I suspect the result of so many enemies destroying his Commune has generated a wrathful deity. Gautama after seeing his Sangha slaughtered by Hindus must be a precursor. But the solution is not fascist attacks on hapless moderns. It is ugly, and the fascists seeds planted are growing. You cannot get angry and try to impose surrender on modern mentalities who assume democratic rights and liberties.

I am a special case, and have driven gurus to a state of revenge, but nonetheless the experience is an eye-opener. There is no safe ashsram with a dead buddha in residence. Such entities have tremendous power, resort to vampiric theft of energies, can kill with impunity by inducing self-destructive behavior in the victim’s unconsious, and generally treat de-surrender as punishable by such types of harassment up to and including madness/suicide. The cover is perfect: the accuser is crazy, and how could a sacred (dead) buddha be such a horrid monster? etc…

It may be that enlightened buddhas simply disappear and are replaced with demonic substitutes… So at the best, the situation is very dangerous for those who are relative outsiders, people antagonistic to total surrender to a ghost, and/or who stumble on fascist or other tendencies.

In a word I recommend sterring clear of figures like Osho, but especially figures like Gurdjieff, and any other dead guru. Approach with kowtow respect a few times by a friendly stranger, is OK. But don’t pursue a path with such. Read their books, up to a point, visit the core site, and then begone. If you must do the guru game do it with someone who is alive, and don’t sign your live away whatsover. Surrender, forget it. The real thing will arise by another process and be real.

The Gurdjieff realm is dangerous for the typical modern. ‘That’ detests liberals, thinks highly of slavery, wants a Django style cripple to say ‘Yesssur’. Over time the outright fascist character of such entities emerges, and their unseen connection to real reactionary plots, murders and the rest of it.
To be a simple liberal and democrat is dangerous in the long term: you will undergo the ‘absolute obedience test’ and if you fail, you are dead.

The whole game of gurus is dead at this point. And if Osho seems like an exception the truth will come out sooner or later.

What are you going to do, wear the mala for the next two thousand years? I think the Poona ashram should contract to a memory place for a few visits. After that goodbye. But the current situation isn’t going to accept any of this. The whole game is too profitable and the traffic in beginning suckers also too profitable as sources of essence plunder, the great hidden snack racket of dead gurus….and no doubt the sufis are even worse…

You can witness here how the critique of Gurdjieff led to attempted ‘murder’, followed by the ‘three way system’ of murder as this blog began to expose new age fascism, and in particular’s Osho’s charge against Gautama.

The spiritual war is very real, and noone can help you, and any reference to the astral plane is grounds for a straight jacket, so the situation goes critical very easily.

Move on, as a sannyasin, I would say. This blog documents the madness arriving from dead gurus stirred up as a hornet’s nest by a simple demand for autonomy. The moral is the fate of most disciples is to be dead zombies in the ‘culture plan’ of dead gurus who are beyond any kind of ethical standard whatsover. If as Osho alive claimed the buddhists generated a Hitler out of pure hate, you have to realize you are missing something in buddhist compassion.

Oh yeah, right, you think I am crazy, and root for guru murder in the peanut gallery.

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