Abuse of Advaita

Advaita in the form we are getting now is a highly insightful but flawed model of the Enlightenment psychology, one I wouldn’t tamper with, but which has one obvious flaw right out front: it negates the human will and free agency. That’s also its strength, and yet it is a warning that the legacy has its built in limitations. Sufis seem to have thought so, where not even more confused, and the intimations of hidden ‘paths of will’, which are a lost cause at this point, might help to consider the probable complex flaws in Advaita psychology. Those are flaws in its psychology, not in its method, which seems to have had a unique success. It doesn’t pay to tinker with such a legacy, but it is important to ask if ‘pop Advaita’ which seems to be inducing the illusion of enlightenment in a lot of westerners isn’t out of control

Anyway, please don’t use Advaita to say the hell with it on climate change. If you must say the hell with it, don’t inflict it on others in the name of enlightenment.

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