The murder weapons are artificially created diseases (as Gold noted long ago, as one in the know, with know how. victims…): self-defenses

The G world/sufis didn’t like this book… The solution can’t be murder…the game has come into the open, so it is essential to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm.
To move away drop all aspects of the Gurdjieff path: it is a scheme to rip off conscious energy, not wake you up.
Do simple mindfulness. Study early buddhism: public domain, no Gautama
study history of xtianity, sufism, from a distance
go see Lord of the Rings: don’t use the one ring! which is? (a metaphor, but…of what? nonsense, but not completely)
study will, even will power. Ordinary ego has a ‘false will’ but it is all you have. Don’t let some ‘teaching’ destroy it, i.e. the will to simple self-discipline, etc…
Keep in mind that what you will may become known to external agencies, and fodder to trogoautoegocratic cannibals. If you make a promise, the invisible world may overhear…

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