The field of the guru racket needs to die, as Krishnamurti warned/and demanded…

I think, in a set of contradictions, that while my original project of using Osho materials on the left has self-exposed, it remains a domain of consideration. I cede the ground to someone else, but don’t forget my warnings.

You can’t surrender the ‘will’ to a guru, a point obvious at the start,but, now screamingly obvious, on the left and expect anything but disaster.

Spiritual surrender is bullshit. and dangerous, and this blog records the danger with several cases of differing degrees of danger. You grant in principle to that entity an unopposed plunder of your core self. Fortunately few gurus understand their own subject.
This blog records almost three years of confusing attacks, from the Osho entity or the x-way system of murder. That’s the danger of surrender, especially with dead gurus: you cant find out.

People in public orgs have some protection: the deep sector can’t blow its cover. But already the realm of sufism, gurdjieff plus related entities, and indic gurus/buddhist etc have created a dangerous labyrinth. Why would anyone in his right mind consider it a spiritual duty to submit to these scumbags…

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