Living in the now? so long sucker

This post actually makes a plug for ego and NOT living in the Now. What?

This is an example of what I was referring to with a ‘no path’ recommendation. Living in the now may actually make sense for enlightened buddhas, and be an aspect of a path for many, but in the context of the extreme exploitation of paths described here ‘living in the now’ is another case of the ‘path cliche’ junk the vultures (like Gold, Gurdjieff) manipulate with ‘denying force’ or god knows what other forms of black magic.

What does living in the now mean, what was its history, how can it be turned against you with trick plays? Drop it, change terminology, and adopt a stealth alternate…Note that the same could apply to the negation of this, and that embracing the ego is in some ways a worse option.
But the ego is your only starting point.

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