The end of the path of gurus (with sufi hyaenas, it goes without saying…)

The irony of the New Age movement is that it is an old age movement: and the implication is that the guru game is a version of the masters and slaves legacy, which means is it kaput, over, done for, and that is because the modern legacy of freedom and autonomy will drive students of the ‘path’ to establish freedom from these masters.
The issue is confused by the need for a teacher to show the way. This can be done in good faith among friends. But the master game is given license here and embarks on a stealth extension to the original premise, with the ironic result that disciples no longer have a path, because masters don’t let slave reach enlightenment: they are needed in the plantation as slaves.

Osho is equivocating here, with a few leftist sentiments, but in reality he is afraid of getting out of line with the hidden masters of masters, and his teaching is already a ‘dead zone’ for it.

With sufis, and the Gurdjieff people these remarks need a dozen exclamation marks with a warning to steer clear of the ‘soul plexus’ sufis so as not to get something even worse than slavery: manufactured ‘demon hood’ for eternity. Stay away!

The whole game is over, and it is going to be over and over as we move aggressively to dismantle sufism and indic garbage. Santana dharma is something else. Osho et al have no real connection with that, and the fate of his sannyasins is mostly zilch.

Don’t submit. Study the core ideas alone, in private, with guru games, surrender or the submission to vultures in disguise. I think the whole game is going over Niagara falls. India maintained this tradition for centuries, now that it is entering the global sphere, there to rot in corruption, or be reborn as a human heritage, the Indic wasteland may well pass away.

With sufism, these hidden criminals with be harder to discover and deal with, but the cover of Islam will pass away and that will start the dissolution.

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