Stealth neo-advaita as a front for a non-path using dehinduized deguruized ‘advaita’

Figures like EJ Gold and Gurdjieff, and probably much Sufic and Indic spirituality have made it problematical to have a ‘path’. You never get anywhere here because the end of practice is a ripoff of created energy.
Advaita often senses this, without seeing the full confusion. By stadning beyond ‘energy states’ or the ‘experience’ of enlightenment, it enables a new approach.
It is important if you are caught in these rackets to abandon ‘paths’ and not let the hidden vultures here trap you in a treadmill ‘path’ that is energy extraction, yours, by a hidden agency.

Here there is a possibility of proceeding with Advaita, which isn’t a spiritual path, or doesn’t have to be, but an attempt to stand beyond the whole game, without the domination of teachers or traditions. The reality has perhaps been frittered away, but the original possibility is there.
But keep in mind that Advaita is an Aryan appropriation of some unknown original. Its core has nothing to do with hinduism.

A further tactic is a stealth neo-advaiata (the latter is a bogus version, to be sure) as a cover for self-debriefing via Advaita.

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