The guru game has a fatal flaw: few of the gurus/sheiks grasp spiritual psychology, a surprising discovery…

I think this gives a glimpse of what’s missing, which leaves the question: what is this ‘enlightenment’ displayed by indic yogis (very rarely?)

I think most gurus/buddhas are set up by a hidden entity who pust out ‘enlightenment’ on loan Faust style, leaving the vast majority in the lurch, and vulnerable to the exploitation of the whole gang of hidden operators…

6 thoughts on “The guru game has a fatal flaw: few of the gurus/sheiks grasp spiritual psychology, a surprising discovery…”

  1. I guess it is more appropriate to pick up the conversation here. I could comment ad infinitum, but I’ve made the points again and again and again…and they don’t seem to sink in. Using Buddhism as my reference point doesn’t come from a dogmatic reverence, but because I’ve studied it in depth and I can see where Advaita is lacking. Advaita is fine as far as it goes, but I’ve never seen one Advaitic yogi (ancient or modern) who is “enlightened” in Buddhist terms (they’re always Uddaka Ramaputta or Alara Kalama types). I guess it would be more appropriate to look through the reviews I’ve posted on Amazon and ask me specific questions about them (I’ve also posted reviews on non-Indic contemplatives like Bernadette Roberts and Franklin Merrell-Wolff):

  2. Your comments are welcome, but resolving this is hard…

    I have two books by Gombrich, I seem to have gotten the wrong one…

    This forum is a study in general insanity, be sure you would rather post here….

  3. The issue of buddhist romanticism is unclear to me. The original romantics were not buddhists at all, and the phenomenon is a complex cultural complex associated clearly with my eonic effect. This was to be sure, a period of the entry of buddhist and indian texts and their study begin in earnest.
    In any case the romantic movement is dialectical complement to the enlightenment, the western version.

    Perhaps these romantic buddhists are twentieth century???

  4. NK I have yet to see a single enlightened buddhist. You proclaim the record of guatama in his time. But I am suspicious.

    I have watched the Osho movement, with all the same potential and it has produced almost no result. So I am suspicious of buddhist propaganda. We have almost no accurate information.

    As for Advaita, I can’t say. I am not an advaitist. I have also defended buddhism here against the neo-brahmins. but Advaita which is independent of hinduism is the probable core of the whole shebang. Mutual antagonism is not helpful in fact.

    My critique at Darwiniana, several of them, raises the suspicion that buddhism became corrupted and rotten, generating fascism in the west.

    It is better to let it slide into the sea. Humanity has to start over.

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